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  • New Single Story: "The Gazelle's New Friend" - Level 4
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    |Views : 297 | Date : Aug 17, 2017 0:31 AM EST

  • The new single story "The Gazelle's New Friend" will be released on Tuesday, August 22
    One day a young gazelle makes a new friend. But the gazelle's mother is shocked.

    "He's a lion!" she said. "You can't be friends with him!"
    "Why not?" asked the gazelle.

     "Well," said his mother. "Gazelles are herbivores. 
    That means we eat plants. But lions are carnivores. They eat meat.
     "Meat?" said the gazelle. "Like other animals?"
     "Yes," said his mother.

    The gazelle's mother explains the food chain to the gazelle, and why certain animals can't be friends.
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