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"Little Fox is a fantastic resource that brings English learning to life! As a teacher of children with special needs in Uganda, I have really enjoyed having access to the stories and videos that Little Fox produces. My class has particularly enjoyed the 'Word Family' videos as they are both engaging and entertaining. We have made great progress learning how to blend and spell words through these resources. As a teacher they make my life so much easier because I trust the standard that Little Fox holds itself to, and I know that my students will be using the very best resources out there when we use Little Fox materials. When we use these resources in my classroom I see lots of attentive faces and smiles. My students are always excited to watch the videos Little Fox produces, and I'm always happy to use them in my lessons. Thank you for creating excellent materials that my students love I'm excited to be using them in my classroom!" 
Avery Bussey, Ekisa Academy Teacher, Jinja, Uganda
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