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  • New Single Story: "Anansi and the Melon" - Level 4
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    |Views : 376 | Date : Aug 31, 2017 8:58 PM EST

  • The new single story "Anansi and the Melon" will be released on Tuesday, September 5
    An adaptation of a famous African folktale, 
    what happens when Anansi the trickster spider finds himself stuck in a melon?

    Goat picked up the melon.
    "Ow!" Anansi yelped. 
    "Who said that?" Goat cried, looking around.
    "Me," replied the melon.

    What tricks will Anansi play on Goat and all the other animals in the kingdom? 
    View the new animated story or read the eBook to find out!