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  • Schedule of New Releases in January 2018
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  • New releases in January 2018 are scheduled as below:

    Day Level Title Detail
    MON 3

     Wizard and Cat

    The young wizard Tom and clever Cat are back for more adventures in Season 3 of this original level 3 Little Fox series. (Series, 24 episodes)

    TUE 7

    January 23

     Red Magic - Final Chapter

    Magica has been peaceful ever since Zann and his friends defeated Morb. But now Void rights protests are breaking out and a leader named Laddno is stirring up trouble. Could Morb be involved in the unrest somehow? Zann and the others are determined to find out! (Series, 50 Chapters)


    January 30

    New Season

     Monster Academy, Season 2

    At Monster Academy, strange things are always happening at the school. Ben, Winnie, Mr. Freaky and all your favorite monsters and people are back for a brand new season of this Little Fox original series. (30 Chapters)

    WED 4

    January 24

     Rocket Girl - Final Episode

    Eight year-old Roxy is Metro City's number one superhero, Rocket Girl! Join Rocket Girl as she saves Metro City from all sorts of evils in a new season of this Little Fox original series. (24 Episodes)

    January 31

     Rocket Girl

    This action-packed song features Little Fox's favorite young superhero. Come save the day, Rocket Girl! (Song)

    THU 5

    January 4

     Arthur's Big Sneeze

    When Arthur has a big sneeze, Mrs. MacPhee gives the class a lesson on the common cold. (Single Story)

    January 11

     Building a House

    Have you ever wondered how a house is built? Follow every step of the process as a family builds their dream home. (Single Story)

    January 18

     The Shortcut

    Tim and his friends are excited to go to a concert, but what's the fastest route to get there? Will they find a shortcut? (Single Story)

    January 25

     Isabel's Polar Night

    Isabel isn't excited to be in Trømso during the polar night. Will a month without the sun be as bad as she thinks? (Single Story)

    FRI 1

     Tire Town School 

    Eddy is back for more fun at Tire Town School with his friends Poppy, Dipper, Jeb. Join them and the racecar Zippy for a brand new season of the Little Fox original series Tire Town School. (24 episodes)

    ※ Starting Tuesday, January 30, season 2 of Monster Academy will begin with a new episode released every Tuesday.

    ※ Detailed schedule of daily new releases in January will be available on the first day of January.

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