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  • Schedule of New Releases in February 2020
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  • New releases in February 2020 are scheduled as below:

    Day Level Title Detail
    MON 3

    Puss in Boots

    Kindhearted Carabas needs money, but all he gets when his father dies is a cat named Puss. Will Puss be able to change Carabas' life? (24 Episodes)

    TUE 6

    The Adventures of Robin Hood

    Robin Hood and his band of merry men bring justice to the poor and powerless in old England. (Series, 24 Chapters)

    WED 3

    The Carter Family

    Meet the Carters: Dad, Mom, Emmy, Harry, Oliver, and Aunt Judy. Their everyday adventures are always plenty of fun. (11 Episodes)

    THU 1

    Who Am I?

    This series provide clues about everyday jobs. As readers try to guess the job, they learn and practice key vocabulary words! A Little Fox original series! (24 Episodes)

    FRI 2

    Space Patrol

    Small but smart Ringo is a new Space Patrol rookie, but does he have what it takes to do the job? Luckily his trusty robot, Bot, is always there to help him. (12 Episodes)

    ※ The detailed publishing schedule for February 2020 will be available on February 1.

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