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  • Schedule of New Releases in May 2021
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  • New releases in May 2021 are scheduled as below: 

    Day Level Title Detail
    MON 1

    May 3

    Me Too

    What do your parents do? Can you do it too? See what a boy can do with his mom and dad!

    (Single Story Upgrade)


    May 10

    New Songs

    Sight Words Songs

    Reading practice with a rap! This song series introduces around 100 important sight words, using them in simple expressions with catchy raps. (11 Songs)

    TUE 6

    Monster Academy

    At Monster Academy, strange things are always happening at the school. Ben, Winnie, Mr. Freaky and all your favorite monsters and people are back for more monster fun in this Little Fox original series. (20 Chapters)

    WED 5

    Rocket Girl's Journey to the West

    Join Roxy, Sun Wukong, and all the beloved characters from Rocket Girl and Journey to the West in a new adventure as they team up to defeat a powerful demon! (24 Chapters)

    THU 7

    May 6

    The Impressionists

    Learn all about Impressionism and how artists like Monet, Renoir, and Degas changed the art world!

    (Single Story)

    May 13

    Human Body What-Ifs

    Some animals have amazing features, but would they work for humans?

    (Single Story)

    May 20

    The Necklace

    Will poor Mathilde be able to replace a lost diamond necklace she borrowed from a rich friend? 

    (Single Story)

    May 27

    A Human History of Mars

    Humans have been interested in Mars for a long time. Learn the human history of Mars!

    (Single Story)

    FRI 2

    Space Patrol

    Small but smart Ringo is a new Space Patrol rookie, but does he have what it takes to do the job? Luckily his trusty robot, Bot, is always there to help him. (24 Episodes).

    ※ Little Fox will not publish a new story on May 1.

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