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    |Views : 981 | Date : Sept 01, 2021 7:46 PM EST
  • In order to provide a better learning experience for early learners, Little Fox will be making changes to the series Phonics (Level 3, 50 Episodes). 

    This series was our first series in our Phonics & Learn to Read category. Over the years we have released more stories and songs in this category. In order to better reflect the difficulty of the stories in Phonics within the Little Fox curriculum and the Phonics & Learn to Read category, Phonics will be divided into two series: Phonics I (Level 2, 25 Episodes) and Phonics II (Level 3, 25 Episodes). 

    This update is scheduled to take place on Monday, September 6, 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EDT. Phonics will be unavailable during this time. 

    Recommended Sequence

    We recommend the following sequence for learners who are beginning to learn to read:

    Phonics Songs (Songs) → ABC Book, Word Families (Level 1) → Sight Words Songs (Songs) → Phonics I (Level 2) → Phonics II (Level 3)


    Users who have already completed badges for Phonics will receive two badges: one for Phonics I and one for Phonics II. New badges will also be available to earn for each series. 

    Phonics Stories by New Series

    Phonics I (Level 2, 25 Episodes)Phonics II (Level 3, 25 Episodes)
    1. 'C' words: Can a Cat Bake a Cake?
    2. 'A' words: Catch Pat!
    3. 'M' words: Mike and the Monster
    4. 'T' words: Today, Tonight
    5. 'H' words: What Does Helen Have?
    6. 'P' words: Pam, What Do You Want?
    7. 'O' words: Don's Box
    8. 'N' words: Nick's New Things
    9. 'D' words: Do Not Open the Door
    10. 'I' words: Inch by Inch
    11. 'S' words: The Sea
    12. 'B' words: What Is on the Bed?
    13. 'E' words: Ed Loves Red
    14. 'R' words: Rat Race
    15. 'F' words: The Fox in the Forest
    16. 'G' words: A Good Gift
    17. 'U' words: In the Hut
    18. 'L' words: Look! That's a Small Leaf!
    19. 'X', 'Z' words: Rex at the Zoo
    20. 'K' words: King Kevin
    21. 'J' words: Jill and Jack
    22. 'W' words: We Wish
    23. 'Q' words: A Quiz
    24. 'V' words: Vic Visits the Village
    25. 'Y' words: Yay! I Got a Yo-yo!
    1. 'a_e', '_ay' words: Let's Play a Game!
    2. 'ch' words: Charlie's Cheese
    3. 'th' words: Thumbelina Loves This
    4. 'ea', 'ee' words: At the Beach
    5. 'sh' words: Shelly Loves Shopping
    6. 'o_e', 'oa' words: I Have Seen a Goat
    7. 'br,' 'dr' words: A Frog, a Prince, a Train
    8. 'i_e' words: The Nice Store
    9. '_ck' words: Jack's Clock
    10. 'cl', 'gl' words: A Clown, a Fly, and Glen
    11. 'ai' words: Let's Paint!
    12. 'st', 'sp' words: Sticky Sticker Book
    13. 'u_e' words: Luke Broke the Rules
    14. 'wh' words: The Whale and the Wheat
    15. '_y' words: The Bunny Family
    16. 'oo' words: Lucy the Goose
    17. 'ar', 'or' words: The North Star
    18. 'aw', 'au' words: The Awful Sauce
    19. 'oi', 'oy' words: Roy and the Boy
    20. '_ore', '_are' words: The Store Chores
    21. '_ng' words: It Is Spring!
    22. 'wr', 'kn' words: Mr. Wright and the Knight
    23. '_ed' words: Tom Hopped
    24. 'oo' words: Wow! The Goose Cooks
    25. 'ie' words: Who Stole the Cookies?