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  • New Series: Pollyanna
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    |Views : 862 | Date : Dec 13, 2021 7:01 PM EST
  • Reasons to Be Glad, Every Tuesday!

    The new Little Fox series Pollyanna (Level 6, 32 Chapters), adapted from the classic children's novel by American writer Eleanor H. Porter, begins on Tuesday, December 21.

    Cheerful young orphan Pollyanna can always find reasons to be glad. In fact, it's a game for her: The Glad Game! From her stern Aunt Polly, to the rest of the town of Beldingsville, can Pollyanna bring gladness to everyone?

    Play the Glad Game every Tuesday with Pollyanna!

    • Pollyanna

    • Aunt Polly

    • Nancy

    • Tom

    • John Pendleton

    • Mrs. Snow

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