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  • New Series: Ally on Earth
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    |Views : 1,730 | Date : July 25, 2022 2:04 AM EST
  • Adventures on Earth with Ally the Astralian!

    Little Fox’s original series Ally on Earth (Level 6, 30 Chapters) begins on Tuesday, August 2.

    Ally, an Astralian from the planet Astralia, accidentally lands on Earth. She’s stuck in Sandville until she can get parts and fuel to return home. Ally finds a job at Ray’s Diner but soon learns that people in Sandville are interested in UFOs and aliens. She must protect her secret identity from alien researchers while helping Ray with his failing business.

    Will Ally keep herself safe and make enough money to return to Astralia? Find out what happens starting August 2!

    • Ally

    • Alpha

    • Ray

    • Mateo

    • Bethany

    • Kate

    • Phil

    • Gourmet Greta

    • Dr. Cosmo Lloyd

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