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  • New Stories: Birthday Fairies
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    |Views : 1,899 | Date : Oct 16, 2022 7:05 PM EST
  • New Adventures with the Birthday Fairies Every Monday!

    Little Fox’s original series Birthday Fairies (Level 3, 24 Episodes) starts on Monday, October 24.

    Bumble, Feather, Hob, and Sprite are birthday fairies with an important job. They grant children's birthday wishes! Some wishes are big, and some wishes are small. Granting wishes isn’t an easy job, but the fairies always work their happy birthday magic together!

    Follow the fairies every Monday on their magical adventures!

    • Sprite

    • Hob

    • Feather

    • Bumble

    • Blinx

    • The Fairy Queen

    • Dent