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  • Schedule of New Releases in December 2022
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  • New releases in December 2022 are scheduled as below:

    Day Level Title Detail
    MON 3

    Birthday Fairies

    Bumble, Feather, Hob, and Sprite are birthday fairies with an important job: granting birthday wishes! (24 Episodes)


    Ally on Earth

    Ally the Astralian has a major problem when she accidently lands on Earth and can't get back home to Astralia! (30 Chapters)  


    Rocket Girl

    When evil aliens or villains cause trouble in Metro City, Roxy becomes Rocket Girl and saves the day! (24 Episodes)


    Superstars in History

    Join Faye as she interviews a new special guest straight from history to share his or her story. (12 Chapters)

    FRI 2

    December 16

    Last Episode

    Bird and Kip

    Follow the adventures of two unlikely friends, Bird and Kip, as they have lots of fun together. (24 Episodes)


    New Season

    December 23

    Space Patrol

    Join Ringo and Bot, Lucy, PJ and more on their Space Patrol missions! (24 Episodes)

    The detailed publishing schedule for December 2022 will be available on December 1.

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