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  • Schedule of New Releases in November 2021
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  • Schedule of New Releases in November 2021

    Day Level Title Detail

    November 8 

    Final Song

    Sight Words Songs 

    Reading practice with a rap! This song series introduces around 100 important sight words, using them in simple expressions with catchy raps. (11 Songs)


    November 15

    New Series

    Birthday Fairies

    Bumble, Feather, Hob, and Sprite are birthday fairies with an important job. Birthday fairies grant children's birthday wishes. But granting wishes isn't an easy job! (24 Episodes) 


    November 2

    Introducing Doctors Without Borders

    Learn about this fascinating organization and how it helps people all around the world. (Single Story)

    November 9

    Plastic Pollution

    Skyler learns that there's more to plastic pollution than she can see. What can you do about plastic pollution? (Single Story)

    November 16

    Smallpox and the Development of Vaccination

    Find out how vaccines were developed, and how vaccination changed the world. (Single Story)

    November 23


    How did skyscrapers come to be? Learn all about the innovation and technology behind them. (Single Story Upgrade)

    November 30

    The Vatican

    Take a tour of the smallest country in the world and learn about its famous sites and history. (Single Story Upgrade)


    The Light Princess

    A magic spell takes away a princess' gravity, making her light. Will there ever be a way to break the spell? (16 Chapters)


    The Carter Family

    Meet the Carters: Dad, Mom, Emmy, Harry, Oliver, and Aunt Judy. Their everyday adventures are always plenty of fun. (12 Episodes)

    FRI 2

    Bird and Kip

    Kip, a fun loving chipmunk, moves into Bird's quiet tree. Find out how these two different animals become best friends in this Little Fox original series. (24 Episodes)

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