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  • Saving Metro City Every Wednesday!

    Little Fox's original series Rocket Girl (Level 4, 24 Episodes) is back with 24 new episodes! Join Rocket Girl in new adventures as she saves Metro City from villains starting Wednesday, December 22.

    Roxy seems like a regular eight-year-old girl. But when aliens invade or an evil villain robs a bank, Roxy becomes Rocket Girl! With her super strength, eye laser beams, and other super powers, Rocket Girl keeps Metro City safe!

    In a special 12-episode event, Rocket Girl must help solve a mystery when ordinary people suddenly develop super powers. But will she learn something surprising about herself as she tries to save the day?

    Join Rocket Girl in this and other adventures with a new episode every Wednesday!

    • Rocket Girl (Roxy)

    • Roxy’s Mom & Dad

    • Roxy’s Friends

    • Kid Comet

    • Brain Invader

    • Quake Man

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