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  • Level 4 Single Stories Upgrades
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    |Views : 3,540 | Date : Feb 20, 2023 8:06 PM EST

  • From February 28 to March 21, we will be releasing upgraded versions of four Level 4 single stories every Tuesday according to the following schedule:

    Show-and-Tell - February 28

    It's time for Brandy's special Show-and-Tell.

    The Fishing Trip - March 7

    A boy goes on a fun fishing trip with his dad.

    Hooray for the Tooth Fairy - March 14

    Sarah loses her tooth for the first time and eagerly waits for a visit from the tooth fairy. 

    My First Sleepover - March 21

    Jim stays the night at Steve's house for his first sleepover.

    ※ These stories have been newly animated to meet our current standards of quality. The current versions of the single stories will be available on our website until the Monday before the upgrade is published.

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